3 Best Dua for Parents Happiness

Parents are the blessings of our Almighty Allah and without parents, our life is just like empty ship without driver. If we have mother and father in our life then we don’t have the problems of our family and relatives. We’re 100% sure about that you love your parents and that’s the reason you’re looking for the Dua for parents happiness.

Here in this post, you’ll see the complete information about the Dua for parents happiness and we’ll provide you 3 duas.

Dua for parents
Dua for parents

Best Islamic Dua for Parents Health

Read this post to know the procedure of using the best islamic dua for parents health. If you’re in a home and you come from the office and you don’t have your wife at that time. This is the parents who just come and they take care of yourself and gives you a glass of water. I have seen lots of families in my eye who has the parents but they don’t take care of themselves.

I have also seen lots of families who has their old parents and these families went their parents out of house. And if your parents got some diseases then at that time, there is no one take care of themselves. You don’t should become that family, this is one of the worst thing in this world.

To keep your parents healthy, you should try the best Islamic dua for parents health. The Almighty Allah will give us the reward for that and he’ll also give us to live in the heaven. Then the Almighty Allah also told us that, the father is the door of heaven so brothers and sisters, respect your father too. Let us know the Hadith Shareef about this, the Hazoor Aqdas Sallalah Hualahi Wa Sallam said to the people that.

If I’m offering the Namaz and my mother or Ami Ji called me then I leave to offer the Namaz. Then just go and ran away fastly to my mother and listen why she is taking my name. This is called the love brothers and sisters, so if you want to live our life according to the Sunnah. Then our parents also play an important role and we know that, this Duniya is not a permanent.

Dua for parents Long Life

Here we are providing you the most powerful and best Islamic Dua for parents long life, health and happiness. Before knowing these powerful and best Islamic Dua, first you will have to pray all the Supplications or Namaz.

Recite these Dua when you are making the Dua after offering all the Supplications as well as the Salah.

Dua no. 1

“Rabbii Arhamhumaa Kama Rabba Yanii Sageerann”

Dua no. 2

“Allahumma Agfirlii Zunubii Wali Wali Dyyaa Warhamm Huma Kamaa Rabbaa Yaanii Sageerann”

Dua no. 3

“Rabbanagfirlii Wali Wali Dayya Walil Muumineena Yauma Yaqumull Hisaab”

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